INTRAWEB Internet Services

Meet the people behind the screen

Christos Tsafaroglou

Born in December 9, 1979 he started his studies in photography and digital imaging but soon he followed his true passion for the IT world. For the past 15 years has been working in the IT department of a major greek company and in 2010 founded INTRAWEB with the solely purpose to offer quality web hosting services.

Aristides Seimanidis

Born in October 20, 1982, he has gain more than 10 years experience to help businesses expand their brand online through the latest Internet Marketing strategies and proper Website building. Creative high converting landing pages, PPC marketing and SEO is his passion. He joined INTRAWEB in 2014.

Jugo Radonic

Born in September 19, 1979, he has been working as Lead Developer for a major corporation in Croatia for more than 8 years and occasionally as a freelance developer managing projects for companies all over the world. Since 2013 he has been working with INTRAWEB as well in various projects.

Stefanos Kalikakis

Born in March 4, 1983, Stefanos has been working as IT professional on Linux based systems for over 12 years. Joined INTRAWEB in 2010 and since then he has been the person responsible for our clock-working servers and VMs.

Aleksander Łukasiak

Aleksander, AKA Nezyrworks is a 34 year old graphic designer and illustrator from Poland. Between 2001 and 2016 he was involved in multiple projects for corporations and international companies including game developers, as an art director, publication designer, illustrator and concept artist. Since 2015 he is the artistic spirit of INTRAWEB.



INTRAWEB was founded in 2010 and since then all people involved are striving to offer quality services to our customers both in cloud hosting and website development. Apart the in house experts, through the years INTRAWEB has created strategic partnerships with various organizations and agencies in order to broaden the variety of services it can offer.