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Types of SSL Certificates

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The web security industry has a broad range of SSL solutions to choose from that can get tricky at times. The most trusted SSL solutions are all from major Certificate Authorities and ultimately need to be chosen by the website owner based on their specific business needs. Here is a quick rundown of SSL types you should be aware of:

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Domain Validation

Domain Validated certificates are basic, fast & inexpensive solutions with the lowest level of validation possible. DV SSL certificates are no-frills encryption-only solutions obtainable by anyone, because all you have to do is prove you own the domain you wish to cover. This simple validation process makes them a quick & cost-effective solution, however they do not offer the competitive advantage, assurance, value and potential ROI more premium certificates can provide. Learn More

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Organizational Validation

Organization Validated certificates are a step in the right direction to assuring website users that the certificate was issued to a real company that is in control of the website. To obtain an OV SSL certificate, the issuing Certificate Authority must do a basic level of validation on the company itself, not just the domain owner, in order to display the company's identity within the certificate. Learn More

Extended Validation

Extended Validation certificates are the pinnacle of showcasing trust & security online. After thorough vetting of the company, the issued EV SSL certificate will activate all of the SSL trust indicators within a browser to showcase your site's integrity, which includes the Green Address Bar and dynamic Site Seals, which have proven to boost trust, confidence & conversion for website users. Learn More

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Multi Domain

Multi-Domain certificates are also referred to as Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificates which is a certificate feature used to secure multiple domain names, subdomains or public IPs with a single certificate. This convenient solution was specifically designed for Unified Communications, but now is commonly used to consolidate many domain names across a larger network. With a multi-domain cert, you can cover,,, etc. Learn More

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Wildcard certificates are a perfect certificate to have when you need to secure all of your subdomains with just one certificate. When you have a wildcard cert, by simply enrolling with * in your CSR as the Common Name, you can secure an unlimited number of subdomains (i.e. on an unlimited number of servers and in most cases, you can still cover & as well. Learn More

Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products are all of our other products that we carry that aren't necessarily an SSL or Code Signing certificate. These products can complement your SSL products to take your site's safety and security to the next level. Some of these products include malware scanners and/or trust seals. Learn More

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